The Ethical Committee is the NCSR body that applies the Ethical Code.

The main objective of the Ethical Committee is to analyse the commercial communication against which a claim has been made and to adjudicate about the compliance of the said communication to the Ethical Code.

The Ethical Committee has a 3-year mandate and consists of 13 members: Chairman – a prominent independent expert, elected amongst the members of the Ethical Committee with a mandate of 3 years. Other members of the committee are well known professionals from the advertising and other industries, as well as scientists, lawyers and NGOs representatives.

The members of the Ethical Committee act on their own conscience and convictions and observing the rules of lack of conflict of interest. The committee members do not represent neither the interests of the members of the NCSR, who in fact vote the Ethical Code, nor the organisations who have suggested them for  members in the Appeal Committee. 

In case of conflict of interest, every member of the Ethics Committee has the moral obligation to claim disqualification from the case. In case of conflict of interest, both sides of the Claim are entitled to require disqualification of the respective member of the Appeal Committee.

Any information, be it in written or verbal form, that may be received in the course of the work of the Ethical Committee, constitutes a trade secret and the members of the committee and the invited external experts are obliged by a confidentiality clause. 

Members of the Ethics Committee