The National Council for Self-regulation (NCSR) is a non-commercial association in public benefit.

Founders are the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers (BAA), the Association of the Advertising Agencies – Bulgaria (ARA) and the Association of the Bulgarian Radio- and TV operators (ABBRO).

Members of NCSR are players in the advertising  industry: advertisers, agencies, media, marketing specialists and other legal entities and individuals;  trade and other associations and unions that voluntarily accept the aim and statutes of NCSR.

The main objective of NCSR is to unite the advertising industry behind the definition and implementation of standards for professional attitude in the field of advertising and commercial communication. To achieve this, the council works out and ensures implementation of an Ethical Code in benefit of the fair competition, but most of all – the protection of consumers.

NCSR strives to strengthen and further develop the civil society through active moves targeted at implementation of self-regulation in the field of commercial communication. It aims to embed social responsibility and business ethics in the relationships between all parties involved in this business, playing in keeping with the existing legal framework in the country and the best practices internationally.  

The main activities of the council include initiation of public discussion about the key principles and ideas of the Ethical code as well as its elaboration, communication and implementation; providing information about the best practices in self-regulation; training of the specialists involved in commercial communication aimed at improvement of the overall professional capacity in the industry.

The governing body of NCSR is the General Assembly of its regular members. Its work is managed by a Managing Board, supported by a Secretariat.

To implement its objectives, the Board appoints Ethical CommitteeAppeal CommitteePost Monitoring CommitteeExpert Group for Code Interpretation, as well as other working structures, necessary for the achievement of the objectives of the council and the effectiveness of its work.

Membership in NCSR

The membership in the NCSR is voluntary. Members can be legal entities or individuals, who share the aim of the Council, accept its statutes and declare willingness to work for the implementation of its objectives. 

Members are regular and associated.

Regular members are trade association with substantial share of the industry they play in. They participate in the work of the General Assembly and have the right to vote. They pay annual membership fee plus additional contributions to secure the financial aspects of NCSR activities.

NCSR can also have associated members  – legal entities and sui juris individuals who share the aims of NCSR; accept its statutes;declare willingness to work for implementation of its objectives and pay a membership fee.

Honorary members are invited for their noticeable contribution and support to the achievement of the abjectives of the Council.

The associated and honourary members participate in the General Assembly with no voting rights.

Annual membership fees 
Associated members
– Individuals  BGN     50 
– CompaniesBGN    500
– Trade Associations and otherBGN   1500
Regular members
Regular members pay the agreed by the General Assembly fees