Petya Dimova

Petya Dimova has been a lawyer and general counsel of Nova Broadcasting Group Ltd. since 2009. Petya Dimova has extensive experience in the telecommunications and media sector. Her successful career in the field started in 2004 when she held the position of Senior Legal Counsel at the Communications Regulation Commission. Since 2006, she has been working as a Senior Communications Officer at the Communications Authority. She continues to develop her practice in telecommunications and media by representing in civil and administrative cases leading operators such as Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile, Nova Broadcasting Group, Radio Veselina, Net Info, V Box, Vitosha Agency, etc. He participates in numerous working groups on synchronization of Bulgarian legislation in the field of telecommunications, media and copyright.
Previously, Petya worked as a legal advisor in a number of state administration bodies.
The main focus of Petya Dimova’s practice is regulation and civil and commercial law. She is currently involved in the overall legal services of the Nova Broadcasting Group companies – television, radio, e-commerce and press. A large part of her daily work is devoted to the protection of freedom of expression, the right to information and building media literacy.
Petya holds a Master’s degree in Law from the UNSS.