Elena Velkova

Elena Velkova is an experienced media lawyer practicing in the TV sector since 2006, when she was appointed as Head of the Legal Department of Diema, and subsequently of Nova Television. Elena has got Masters degree in Law from the Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski. In the first years of her professional carrier, she developed her experience in various business sectors as part of the legal team of Deloitte Bulgaria EOOD. At present Elena is working mainly in the sphere of media regulation and business and is participating in a number of projects related to establishment of European standards in the legislative setting of the problems of television contents and distribution.

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Two type of complaints may be submitted to the National Council for Self-regulation in case of a breach of:
1. Ethical Code - related to the content (misleading, offensive, inappropriate for children etc.) of an advertisement or any other form of commercial communiaction or
2. Rules for Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) - related to targeted at selected internet users behavioural advertising. To learn about OBA and what you can do prior to submitting an OBA complaint.
А Complaint is a formal document, claim, plea or request, concerning any form of commercial communication which gives proof of breach of the ethical rules or indicates a possible breach that requires further investigation.

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