How is self-regulation achieved & who applies the self-regulation rules?

The advertising industry creates a body for  self-regulation in the industry – in Bulgaria this is the National Council for Selfregulation (NCSR). Upon a public discussion, NCSR draws up an Ethical Code of standards and practice and Regulations for its implementation.

NCSR creates bodies to ensure the implementation of the Ethical Code – Ethical Committee (Jury), Appeal Committee, Post-Monitoring Committee and Expert Group for Code Interpretation.

The committees ensure fast and effective response to Complaints from consumer and trade. NSCR may do own initiative monitoring. On request, NCSR provides the service ‘Copy Advice’ – a confidential, non-binding pre-publication advice to advertiser, agency or media about a specific advertising proposal.

The Code is binding for the members of NCSR. They agree voluntarily not to implement or accept activities in breach of the Code and to change or discontinue any communication found by the NCSR Ethical Committee in breach of the Code.

NCSR members not only engage to observe the Ethical Code and to ensure it implementation, they also work for its promotion and encourage its implementation by other players in the advertising industry.

The NCSR Secretariat ensures the smooth operation of the self-regulation process aiming at achieving high professional standards in advertising and commercial communication to earn the consumers trust and to ensure their protection in benefit of the individual, the society and the fair competition.